Cream for imperfections

Oily and combination skin, prone to the formation of imperfections, requires appropriate care. To be able to control the appearance of further skin changes we should not only thoroughly cleanse the skin, but also regularly use a properly selected cream for skin with imperfections. It is important because cleansing deprives the epidermis of its protective layer - the cream helps to rebuild it.  In the morning it is worth to apply a mattifying cream of light consistency. On the other hand, we should avoid oils and greasy cosmetics. 

Why does acne appear?

Apart from genetic factors, improper diet and bad skin care habits contribute to the appearance of imperfections on the skin. Sugar, heavily processed food and stimulants should be excluded from our diet. It is prohibited to squeeze the pimples, because it exacerbates inflammation. 

How should an acne cream work?

A good cream for skin imperfections, first of all, must not dry out the skin. Dry skin will begin to produce more sebum, which will promote the formation of new inflammations and imperfections. Therefore, let us choose a moisturizing cream for acne skin.

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BALANCE T-ZONE Normalizing cream SPF 10 - 50 ml -...

Effective care for combination skin, oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and prone to frequent dryness on the cheeks. Action: restores balance between the oily and the dry parts of the face, while providing optimum hydration for both zones, controls excess sebum secretion, prevents skin...