Intimate hygiene lotions

Maintaining hygiene is more than just taking a bath every day, it's also about caring for the areas hidden under your underwear. It is not only important to achieve a feeling of freshness, but also to prevent irritation. Since the intimate area is the most sensitive part of our body, it is necessary to be gentle and to select specialised products dedicated to intimate hygiene.

Why use intimate hygiene cosmetics?

The intimate area has a different pH than the skin on the rest of the body. Washing with regular soaps and shower gels can actually disturb the pH balance, making you more vulnerable to unpleasant ailments such as: itching, burning or pain. FLOSLEK Cosmetics Laboratory has developed a range of products, which have been specially designed to take care of your intimate area, leaving you feeling clean and comfortable.

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Mild intimate hygiene gel for sensitive skin - 200...

A very mild intimate hygiene gel recommended to daily care and hygiene of delicate and sensitive intimate skin area. the gel provides extremely gentle clearance of sensitive intimate skin area. It contains soapwort extract with cleansing and caring properties, marigold extract with soothing...