Facial oils

Facial oils are skincare products that provide an immediate effect of optimal moisture and nourishment to the skin. They are made from a blend of plant oils that provide various benefits to the skin, from moisture retention and brightening to softening and smoothing the skin. You can use the face oil morning and evening after cleansing your face. If you feel that you need more hydration, use a moisturising lotion or cream appropriate for your skin type.

How do I apply facial oils?

After cleansing your face in the morning, apply about 4-5 drops of oil to damp face and massage the product into your skin with your fingers. Start at the centre of your face and work your way up to your ears and the outside of your eyes. Continue on the forehead from the eyebrows to the roots of the hair, and on the chin from the mouth to the neck. Finally, smooth the oil from the neck to the jawline. Brush any remaining product on your hands onto the upper part of your chest.

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betaCAROTENE pro age Oil with beta-carotene 30 ml -...

Conditioning oil for the skin requiring nourishment and an "injection" of vitality, dry, grey and prone to wrinkles. Action: gives the skin a natural tone and blends in evening out the color, moisturizes, smoothes and deeply nourishes. The skin becomes soothed, relaxed and velvety to the touch,...

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  • Vegan
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LAVENDER lavender fields ANTI-AGING Oil with...

Oil with a relaxing, delicate scent of lavender: smoothes and moisturizes the skin, ensures  anti-wrinkle effect. Relaxation for the skin and senses ... The unique combination of lavender oil and the composition of precious plant oils provides a feeling of "satin finish" yet the lavender scent...

Price €4.48
  • Vegan
olejek odżywczy z olejkiem arganowym i witaminą A+E Floslek Skin care Expert ALL NIGHT

SKIN CARE EXPERT® ALL-NIGHT Overnight nourishing oil...

The unique composition for women aware that only at night, during sleep, the skin can utilize its maximum capacity for radical renewal. Sleeping effect technology® based on reports from the field of chronobiology, improves the appearance and condition of the skin, gives an immediate feeling of...

Price €6.27
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