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I love mini Strengthening hair mask 30ml - Floslek

The travel version of the Strengthening Hair Mask is an indispensable beauty product for holiday or business trips. It rescues weakened hair, protects the ends from splitting and protects hair colour, making it regain its shine and healthy appearance. Action: strengthens, regenerates and smooths...

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ELESTABion® W Strengthening hair mask - 200 ml -...

The mask provides intensive nourishing thin and weakened hair prone to falling out and losing density. The product is also recommended for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies. Action: increases hair elasticity, strengthens, regenerates and smoothes dried and damaged hair, protects...

ELESTABion® R Mulitifunctional hair silk serum - 30...

The serum is intended for intensive regeneration and protection of hair exposed to harmful effects of high temperature while using heat styling tools. Action: helps to restore hair softness, improves hair elasticity, perfectly smoothes hair, increases hair shine, provides a feeling of...

Constant straightening and curling, frequent brushing and shampooing leave your hair dull, dry and damaged. Hair conditioners and hair masks with a high concentration of active ingredients, which moisturise the hair from the inside and strengthen its outer structure, are indispensable for daily hair care. Well-tended hair is healthy, its cuticles are closed, which means less frizz and excellent colour and light reflection.

What is the difference between a hair conditioner and a hair mask?

Using a hair conditioner after shampooing is a natural part of daily hair care. The conditioner should be applied to damp strands (from mid-length to ends), left for a few minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. The creamy formula of the conditioner makes it easy to apply and improves the appearance of your hair instantly.

Hair masks have a richer formula that intensively nourishes and moisturises hair. For best results, masks should be used systematically, 2-3 times a week, throughout the length of the hair, from root to tip.

Is it necessary to use both a conditioner and a hair mask?

By using both a conditioner and a hair mask, you optimally cover all aspects of hair care, which results in soft and smooth hair. The active ingredients in hair care products strengthen the hair structure and provide protection against the heat of blow-dryers and curling irons as well as against atmospheric influences. Masks nourish and regenerate the hair, restoring its natural beauty. Conditioners provide almost instant soft and healthy looking hair.