Toning mists and waters

Unique spray products that will change your approach to daily care. Mist and toning water can be used on the face, body and hair. These extremely light cosmetics reinforce the moisturising effect of the cream, refresh your make-up, cool tense body, discipline frizz and leave a beautiful, subtle fragrance without weighing down the skin.

Is it worth including a mist or toning water in your daily skincare routine?

Of course, it's a basic refreshing essential. Whether you want to soothe your skin, add radiance to dull, dry skin, enhance the benefits of a cream or simply lift your mood with your favourite scent, a spray mist is the perfect answer! It moisturises, refreshes and tones.

How do I use spray-on moisturisers?

Incorporate a mist into your morning and evening skincare rituals to boost the moisturising effect. Use it all day long, whatever the time or place, under or over make-up, loose or tied up - just the way you like it. Spray the mist over you and let the soft droplets envelop you from the top of your head to your feet. Enjoy, laugh, play with the colours and the scent. The effect it leaves on your skin is impossible to imitate. Moisturising toning water will energise dull complexions, refrigerated water will cool and firm the body and sprayed hair will regain its beautiful shape. 

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ROSE for skin Watery rose toner - 95 ml - Floslek

When a rose blooms... ROSE watery toner: wraps the skin with a nourishing poultice with an irresistible scent of roses, moisturizes, improves skin condition, restores its proper pH. Dermatologically tested. Vegan product.

ŻELOVE® Moisturizing Marine Water Bomb 2 w 1 +...

Set contains: ŻELOVE® Moisturizing Marine Water Bomb 2 in 1 - cosmetic for skin that requires intensive hydration, remineralization, nourishment and stimulation. The product perfectly cares for dry, tired and stressed skin by environmental factors.mistLOVE Moisturizing earth marine water mist for...