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Floslek SENSITIVE Fresh antiperspirant deo roll-on for sensitive skin

FRESH Antiperspirant Deo roll-on for sensitive skin...

Perfect care and protection of delicate, sensitive and prone to allergy armpit skin. 0% alcohol, 12h of freshness, no white marks!Antiperspirant Deo roll-on: provides pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness, reduces excessive perspiration, neutralises sweat odour. Dermatologically tested....

If you are looking for protection that stops sweat and unpleasant odour, try FLOSLEK antiperspirant. If you've ever had to change your T-shirt in the middle of the day because of excessive sweating, deo roll-on protection 12h is the perfect solution for you. Don't give up your favourite activities, be on the move, be yourself!

How do I make my antiperspirant more effective?
  1. Take care of sufficient hygiene, dry your skin thoroughly after showering.
  2. Wash your skin with a mild, natural pH gel.
  3. Shampoo your underarms regularly.
  4. Apply your anti-perspirant to dry skin.
  5. Allow Antiperspirant to dry completely before putting on any clothes.
  6. Wear airy clothes made of natural materials.