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HESPERIDIN Calming - regenerating body balm 175 ml -...

Body balm for dry, irritated, sensitive skin in need of regeneration. In particular, for the care of skin on the neck and décolleté, prone to erythema and skin of the legs with dilated blood vessels, redness. Action: moisturizes, relieves the sensation of dryness, tightness, itching, restores...

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SUN CARE Derma FAMILY Soothing Balm REPAIR 125ml -...

REPAIR Soothing Balm with prebiotic, cica, shea butter and water lily for all skin types, also sensitive, for adults and children 3+.Regeneration and soothing of the skin of the face and body irritated by the sun. Action: brings relief after the first application, soothes the skin for up to 48...

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HAND CARE Soothing hand lotion rice milk - 40 ml -...

Hand lotion with rice milk is a balanced portion of health for the hand skin. A light, non-greasy formula based on vegan ingredients: rice milk, rice proteins and vitamin E: provides valuable nutrients that bring immediate relief to dry, prone to irritation skin, soothes the skin. 98%...

Great, smooth and firm skin is not only a question of good genes, but also of the right care. If you want to see a beautiful, well-groomed woman in the mirror every day, firstly accept yourself, and secondly rely on proven solutions. Divide your skin care into smaller parts and adapt the cosmetic essentials to each part.

5 advantages of using body lotion

Here are 5 reasons why you should use body lotion:

  1. It retains moisture. A hot bath or shower can dry out your skin, so a natural body lotion is the perfect way to restore your skin's moisture balance.
  2. Smooths and soothes the skin. shower and shaving gels contain ingredients such as SLS, which can cause dryness. Use body lotion for silky soft and smooth skin.
  3. Restores skin radiance. 
  4. Using body lotion helps to restore moisture to the skin.
  5. Maintains the elasticity of the skin. Body lotion helps fight dryness, which often makes the skin look older.