You, women, are the reason and the driving force behind the creation of cosmetics, whose benefits you can feel and see on your skin.

Flos means flower, and flowers are associated with nature, but also with women and beauty. They possess this extraordinary power and are good for our skin - for centuries they have given us their best, so that we could take care of our health and beauty. They have been inspiring us from the very first days of our company.

For 30 years, FLOSLEK cosmetics and dermocosmetics have been taking care of you, nurturing and protecting your skin, bringing pleasure and relaxation, and pleasing the eye. Not only in Poland, but also in 50 countries around the world, from North America, through Europe and North Africa to Asia.

Beauty has no age - we want you to smile every day, feel healthy, energetic, fulfilled, happy, relaxed, as if time stopped for you!

Nature's Best

Everything we need to care for our bodies can be found in nature. That is why at FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory we focus on phytocosmetology.

Nature is at the heart of our formulations. It is also the source of inspiration for our laboratory.We create innovative cosmetic formulations, taking what is most valuable from the world of plants. We use ingredients which are biotechnologically processed in order to maximally concentrate the dose of active substances and to eliminate potentially irritating or allergenic substances. Therefore, we can declare with full responsibility that our cosmetics draw from nature and at the same time are innovative and safe.

Nearly 30 years operation, we have used over 1500 different cosmetic ingredients, coming mainly from the world of plants, creating several hundred formulations with their use. That's how dozens of professional skin care lines were created for two brands: FLOSLEK Laboratorium and FLOSLEK Pharma.

We carefully listen to your needs

We are constantly striving to ensure that our cosmetics live up to all the promises we make to you.

We are constantly striving to ensure that our cosmetics live up to all the promises we make to you. We are forever improving our formulas, always looking for ingredients with the potential to fulfil your needs even more effectively, for example those related to ageing processes, environmental pollution and increasingly common allergies. It's a never-ending process that pushes us to find solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. In this process, we are supported by the extensive knowledge of our experts in the fields of botany and phytocosmetology and our own modern laboratories: research and development and quality control.

We carefully listen to your needs, which is why in our communication we emphasise what is important to you: natural, mostly vegan ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging and our support for the ban on testing cosmetics on animals, confirmed by the PETA certificate.

#ekokrokifloslek – together for nature!

We didn't wait for sustainability, environmental protection and naturalness to become a trend.

#ekokrokifloslek wspolnie dla planety

From our first days, we have been making sure that our activities do not harm you, animals or the environment.
Our first cosmetic - the famous eyebright under eye gel - was vegan. Today, nearly 95% of the formulations created in our laboratory are vegan cosmetics, based primarily on ingredients of natural origin. We've also never tested our products on animals – as evidenced today by our 2019 PETA certification.

When designing the laboratory's new headquarters, we made sure to take care of providing our own water purification and treatment plant – thanks to which we can reuse water and then give it back to the environment – pure.
We were one of the first companies in Poland to offer you creams in exchangeable cartridges, so called refills, which are 100% recyclable. Thus, we invited you to join us in the mission to reduce plastic consumption (each refill means 80% less plastic and 60% less paper in our environment). This also means that we generate less pollution due to transport or disposal, so we have a smaller carbon footprint.
To date, we have implemented a number of pro-environmental solutions we called #ekokrokifoslek. We are constantly working to expand this list in order to take care of our planet together and to be able to enjoy its plant life; our skin needs to stay healthy and beautiful – for years to come...

The quality and safety of cosmetics are our priority

We create our best cosmetics with you in mind, because we believe that every person should be able to afford skin care at the highest possible level.

Back in 2002, we implemented a quality management system, confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certification. It was granted to us in the field of development of formulas for new cosmetic preparations and their production and sale. It is confirmation of compliance with all standards consistent with the art of creation and production of cosmetic products. This certification is reapproved annually.

In 2012, as one of the first cosmetic companies in Poland, we were granted a certificate confirming that during the production of our products we apply procedures based on the GMP system (good manufacturing practice). These provide a full guarantee that our products are of the highest quality.

In 2023, we implemented and certified the ISO 13485:2016 standard for medical devices.

Learn about our Quality Policy

We all contribute to caring about society and protection of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

We have built the FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory on our fundamental values of responsibility, integrity, fairness, respect, trust and respect for diversity. They form the strong pillars of our company.

Today, we want to develop long-lasting, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with Suppliers who share the same values and are equally committed to acting responsibly and ethically at all levels of the business. For this reason, we have created the FLOSLEK Supplier Code of Conduct, which reflects the spirit of the company, sets the framework for business operation and cooperation, and provides a guarantee for the implementation of social responsibility and sustainability.

Our ESG strategy – For the sake of a better future

At FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory, issues related to environmental protection and prevention of environmental degradation, social responsibility and corporate governance and quality management have been pillars of the company's operations for years.

In 2022, we combined the previously implemented initiatives with new ventures and created a coherent ESG strategy – For the sake of a better future. It outlines a series of ambitious commitments made by FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory in order to achieve 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.