FLOSLEK – Your skin is our concern!

FLOSLEK is a Polish cosmetics brand, built on the synergy of the latest developments in the field of cosmetology and what is the best in nature.

Where the name FLOSLEK comes from?

The name of the company comes from the Latin word flos, which means a flower. Flowers are associated with nature, but also with women and beauty. In addition, the plants have the extraordinary power of positive effects on the skin - for centuries they gave people everything what is the best, so they could take care of their health and beauty. FLOSLEK therefore derives what is most valuable from the world of plants, creating in its laboratory innovative recipes of cosmetics for women, children and men.

FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory® has been successfully creating since 1994 the highest quality dermocosmetics and cosmetics for the care and protection of sensitive and demanding skin. Experienced specialists, modern research laboratory and innovative recipes, combining the power of natural ingredients with the latest achievements of cosmetology, are strong foundations on which the company builds its success.

The FLOSLEK portfolio includes 14 specialist FLOSLEK PHARMA dermocosmetic lines and 46 FLOSLEK LABORATORIUM lines designed for the care and protection of sensitive face and body skin. In total, it's over 300 products, which for over a quarter of a century have been supporting primarily women in their efforts for a healthy and beautiful appearance.

FLOSLEK is present in almost 50 countries around the world – from North America, through Europe, North Africa to Asia.


ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Certificate

The ISO 9001 : 2015 quality certificate awarded to us for the formulation of new cosmetic preparations, their production and sale, is a confirmation of our compliance with all standards in line with the art of creating and producing cosmetic products. We received this certificate in November 2002 and since then it has been confirmed annually.

ISO 9001 : 2015 quality certificate (EN) 

ISO 9001 : 2015 quality certificate (PL) 

GMP - ISO 22716

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) is a prestigious certificate that attests to the highest quality standards of products manufactured at the FLOSLEK Cosmetics Laboratory. The ISO 22716 certification confirms the company's adherence to the so-called Good Manufacturing Practice in production, quality control, storage and shipping of cosmetics. For customers, this means not only high quality products, but also the safety of their use. We received this certificate in November 2012 and it is confirmed annually.

GMP - ISO 22716 (EN) 

GMP - ISO 22716 (PL) 

PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Program

We love animals.

PETA - an American animal rights organisation based in Norfolk, Virginia - recognises companies that do not test on animals in the manufacture of their products. 

PETA Global Animal Test Policy 

FLOSLEK on peta.org

KidZone Certificate

The KidZone Quality Seal is a symbol of the highest quality and reliability awarded to the best companies offering products aimed at the youngest customers. The Children's Quality Centre, under which the certificate is awarded, distinguishes companies striving to systematically improve the quality of their products and services related to many aspects of the child's life and functioning in the adult world. Honorary patronage over the project is held by the Children's Rights Ombudsman.

KidZone Certificate 


Floslek is the winner of many industry and business competitions. We have been awarded, among others, the Teraz Polska promotional emblem, Forbes monthly diamonds and the title of Business Gazelle.

Our values

Community and trust

Our actions are guided by the vision of working towards increasing the comfort of consumers' lives, caring for their healthy and beautiful appearance. While realising this vision we rely on common, humanistic values. Man is the most important. We work hard, but at the same time our work gives us a lot of satisfaction.

Care for the environment

When developing new cosmetic formulations, we rely on plant-based ingredients from around the world. We consciously want to use only ethically sourced ingredients, with care and respect for the environment, for the benefit of future generations.

Our customers' needs

We believe that everyone should be able to afford to provide their skin with the highest possible level of daily care. We continually challenge ourselves and others to create safe and effective cosmetics at an affordable price.

Pasja, zaangażowanie, uczciwość

We believe in people. Delegating responsibility fosters employee development. It creates an atmosphere of mutual trust, positive thinking and forward-looking. It inspires everyone to get involved in the development of our offer and the company. It creates a sense of shared responsibility for both actions and inactions. Encourages identification with the brand.

Quality and safety

State-of-the-art technological and production methods allow us to manufacture products that meet the highest standards. It has been 18 years since we implemented the Quality Management System, confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. In 2012, as one of the first cosmetic companies in Poland, we received a certificate confirming that we apply procedures based on the GMP system (Good Manufacturing Practice) when manufacturing our preparations. These provide a full guarantee that our products are of the highest quality.

Learn about our Quality Policy.

Continuous development

We are constantly looking for new substances and methods to care for and protect our skin more effectively. Whatever we do today, we want to do better tomorrow. Every day we look for solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

We support

Noble Packet

THE NOBLE PACKET (Szlachetna Paczka) is one of the most recognisable social projects in Poland, initiated and developed by the WIOSNA Association. Since 2001, as part of the direct aid programme, donors have been preparing packages for families in need. The addresses of these families are obtained by volunteers who act locally. And it is thanks to the involvement of volunteers, donors and benefactors that two weeks before Christmas families receive packages that meet their individual needs, and often also their dreams. 


Foundation for a More Beautiful Life

The Beautiful Life Foundation The Beautiful Life programme aims to support women undergoing oncological treatment. The initiative was established in the United States in 1989 and is currently implemented in 24 countries worldwide. In Poland, the first activities were carried out in autumn 2006. Since the beginning of the Programme, over 900 patients have taken part in workshops organised in Oncology Centres in Warsaw, Lublin, Kielce, Łomża and Łódź. Within the framework of the Programme, a qualified group of volunteers organises meetings for women treated in oncological hospitals. The meetings take the form of workshops during which professional beauticians and make-up artists present a multi-stage skin care and make-up programme that helps overcome and conceal the visible side effects of treatment.


Association Sanitas

Sanitas - Association for Fighting Cancer The main aims of the Sanitas Association for Fighting Cancer are to provide support to people struggling with cancer, to help their families and to promote prevention. The Association coordinates the "Santa Claus Action". - MIKOŁAJKOWA NIEZAPOMINAJKA, which consists in giving gifts to cancer patients and those staying in oncology wards of the Ks. Bronisław Markiewicz Subcarpathian Oncology Centre in Brzozów and the Fryderyk Chopin Subcarpathian Oncology Centre in Rzeszów.


Dreams Come True Foundation

Fundacja Spełnionych Marzeń has been working for children and young people with cancer for 15 years. Although its establishment is connected with a personal tragedy of its founders, who lost their 11-year-old son after a long fight with the disease, today, as a child herself, it is a source of incredible satisfaction. The Foundation dedicates its help to small patients of five children's oncological centres in Poland. Small patients and their families are accompanied from the moment of diagnosis, throughout the entire treatment process, but also after its completion it helps to return to everyday reality.


For Life

For Life - Foundation for children and young people with chronic diseases and after organ transplantation The main task of the foundation is to chase away boredom from the hospital. That's why it organises events and activities for children at the Children's Health Centre and invites interesting guests. It also helps to finance treatment, the purchase of necessary equipment and other items needed by children. It organises national conventions for children after liver transplantation and their families.


Foundation "Help on time"

Foundation for Children "Help on Time" has been operating since 1998. It was initiated by Professor Zbigniew Religa, who remains the Foundation's Patron. The main idea of the "Help on Time" programme is saving endangered children's lives, restoring their health, supporting their education and helping them in difficult material conditions.


Foundation Labor Kids

The aim of the Labor Kids Foundation is to provide medical, educational and social assistance to children of developmental age, with psychomotor disabilities and at risk of disabilities, their families and the elderly.


Foundation Kardiorytm

The Cardiorhythm Foundation - Dr Seweryn Sterling Foundation for Electrocardiology Development The mission of the KARDIORYTM Foundation is to undertake activities to support the development of electrocardiology. The Foundation helps the Department of Electrocardiology in its efforts to develop modern diagnostics of heart diseases, increase accessibility and effectiveness of treatment and introduce modern techniques of treatment of heart rhythm disturbances and conduction.