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HESPERIDIN Strengthening and Soothing Set 1+1+ mini...

Limited edition - HESPERIDIN Strengthening and Soothing dermocosmetic set for the care of vascular, sensitive, erythema-prone skin. The set includes: Capillary Strengthening Cream 50 ml Concentrate for capillaries 30 ml Mini-product: Acid peel for the night 15 ml Dermocosmetics tested on...

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WHITE&BEAUTY WHITE&BEAUTY anti-pigmentation set -...

Limited edition - a set of WHITE&BEAUTY dermocosmetics to prevent hyperpigmentation and lighten those already visible on the skin. The set includes: Anti-aging day cream preventing hyperpigmentation SPF 50+ 30 ml Brightening acid peel 30 ml MINI PRODUCT Pigmentation whitening tonic 50 ml...

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HESPERIDIN Acid peeling for night 30 ml - Floslek

Acid peeling for care of sensitive skin with redness, dilated capillaries. Contains lactobionic acid 3%, shikimic acid 2% and aloe vera. Action*: brightens and evens skin tone (89%), reduces redness (83%), visibility of telangiectasia (72%), amount and intensity of hyperpigmentation (83%),...

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PEELLOVE® Marine Gommage peeling with AHA acids 75...

Dreaming of flawless skin? Discover a beautifully scented face gommage peeling - you'll love its action at first use! Cleansing by "rubbing": apply, massage, rinse and that's it! The effect is addictive! Dermatologically tested. Vegan product.

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ANTI ACNE Enzymatic peeling - 50 ml - Floslek

The peeling is recommended for oily, acne-prone and mixed skin prone to excessive sebum secretion and imperfections. Action: cleanses and refreshes the skin, gently removes callous epidermis layer without necessity of rubbing, thoroughly removes excess of sebum, accelerates skin regeneration,...

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DERMO EXPERT® ANTI AGING Rejuvenating acid peel...

Rejuvenating acid peel for night care is a specialist dermocosmetic indicated as an anti-wrinkle therapy for mature skin. 2 STEP TREATMENT: 1 STEP– intensive treatment (after 7 days): improved skin smoothing in 100% of probants*, improved skin firmness and elasticity in 85% of probants*. 2 STEP –...

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WHITE & BEAUTY brightening night acid peel for freckles and hyperpigmentation FLOSLEK 30ml

DERMO EXPERT® WHITE & BEAUTY® Lightening acid peel...

Lightening acid peel is a specialist dermocosmetic product indicated as an intensive therapy for uneven pigmentation skin. 2-STEP TREATMENT: 1 STEP– INTENSIVE TREATMENT (after 7 days): improved skin smoothing in 92% of probants*, skin color lightening in 69% of probants*. 2 STEP – MAINTENANCE...

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DERMO EXPERT® ANTI ACNE Normalizing acid peel night...

NORMALIZING Acid peel for night care is a specialist dermocosmetic indicated as therapy for oily and acne-prone skin. 2 –STEP TREATMENT: 1 STEP – intensive treatment (after 7 days): reduction of redness  in 92% of probants*, reduction of tendency to clog pores in 100% of probants*. 2 STEP –...

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Gommage BALANCE T-zone facial cleansing scrub with AHA acids smoothing night peeling FLOSLEK 125g

BALANCE T-ZONE Gommage Peeling with AHA acids - 125g...

Gommage peeling with acids AHA (pH 1.75 - 2.4) is an express peeling for all types of skin, even sensitive. After the first use deeply cleanses, removes calloused epidermis and reduces the feeling of roughness. Regularly used, it unblocks and reduces pores, reduces greasy skin and improves skin...

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Acids and peelings are the basis of facial care, which consists in thorough cleansing and preparation of the skin to accept active substances contained in creams, oils and masks. After their application the skin becomes refreshed and cell renewal processes are stimulated in the deeper skin layers.

Why include acids and chemical peels in your daily skincare routine?

Acids and peelings are cosmetics that complement skin care and enhance the effects of preparations applied to the skin. Discover their greatest advantages:

  • deep exfoliation of the top layer of the epidermis;
  • reduction of discolourations;
  • brightening effect of the complexion;
  • cleansing and unblocking of pores;
  • reducing the depth of wrinkles and acne scars;
  • unification of skin tone;
  • increase the absorption of other skin care products. 
Which peelings and acids can you find in the FLOSLEK online shop?

Among our specialty products you will find: