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REVIVE LASHES® Active Eyelash Serum - 3 ml - Floslek

The active serum provides intensive care and regeneration of eyelashes. The advances formula based on BIMALASH COMPLEX® (Bimatoprost + WIDELASH™ + eyebright extract) has a positive effect on the condition of eyelashes, restores their natural appearance. Action: serum helps to achieve the effect...

Great, radiant skin, smooth and firm skin on the body, thick hair that feels nice to the touch is not just a matter of good genes. In fact, your daily habits have a big impact on the state of your body and what you see in the mirror every day. The most important aspects of feminine care are gentleness and regularity. Create your own beauty rituals with FLOSLEK.

Does it make sense to create skincare rituals?

The basis of organising rituals is the desire to live in the moment and experience stimuli with the senses. In the case of care, it is about focusing on yourself, your body, pampering it with the perfect scents and formulas of your favourite cosmetics. Care rituals teach mindfulness and help restore balance in life. Before your next bath, light some candles, put on your favourite music, focus on the moment and take care of your body and your inner self for at least 30 minutes. Let your facial cleansing be not only about removing make-up, but a gentle massage followed by the application of a light, wonderfully scented cream. Sensual, feminine, natural care is a way to relax and keep your body and soul in perfect condition.