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ANTI ACNE Concealing cover stick natural 2 - Floslek

Concealer with covering properties recommended for oily and acne-prone skin, with visible erruptions, redness, comedones, pimples amd pustules.   Action: masks and cover redness, blemishes and skin imperfections, reduces their visiblility and size, evens out the skin tone, gives a matte finish,...

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  • Vegan

Face concealer is a cosmetic miracle worker - it conceals dark circles under the eyes, covers imperfections, discolouration or blemishes. Perfect make-up cannot do without it. The best concealer is one that is easy to apply and works without being seen. That's why most people choose concealer in stick form. It's convenient to apply to the area you want to cover and it's easy to do outside the home when you don't have access to a range of makeup accessories. 

Anti-bacterial concealer - how does it work?

A spot concealer should mask imperfections, but we'll like even better the one that also has an antibacterial effect. Just like Floslek Anti-Acne concealer. Thanks to zinc and salicylic acid it reduces the number of imperfections and inhibits the formation of new ones.

How do I choose my colour?

When choosing a colour, think about your skin tone and whether you want to conceal or highlight. To lighten dark circles under the eyes, go one tone lighter than your foundation. Blemishes should be concealed with a concealer the same shade as your foundation.