Micellar face wash

Micellar lotion is the cosmetic of choice for make-up removal and face cleansing. Due to its gentle action, it is recommended for sensitive and problematic skin. It is practical to use, because you do not need to have access to water to wash your face. Just put a few drops on a cotton pad and rub it over your skin. Repeat this process until there are no more make-up residues on the cotton pads. Then you can be sure that your face has been thoroughly cleansed and is ready for further skincare.

Micellar lotion - what is it?

Micellar liquid replaces milk and make-up remover. It contains special particles, the so-called micelles, which attract impurities and make-up residues. It is very effective in action - it not only removes make-up, but also moisturises the skin and reduces irritation.

Which to choose - micellar lotion or toner?

Proper skin care should include both cleansing and toning. This cannot be achieved with just one product. After cleansing with a micellar lotion, we should always apply a toner or spray a toning mist over our face. 

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ARNICA® Micellar solution make-up remover for...

The micellar solution dedicated to everyday skin cleansing for face, neck and neckline. It is recommended for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin with dilated capillaries. Delicate formula of the product contains micelles and Arnica extract which provides intensive therapy for skin...