Anti-wrinkle serum

Every anti-wrinkle serum for mature skin first and foremost moisturises the skin, thus smoothing out wrinkles and visibly rejuvenating the face. Depending on the active ingredients, it may additionally brighten the skin, make it firmer, and even strengthen blood vessels or eliminate discolouration. In anti-aging care, serum reinforces the effect of anti-wrinkle cream - the use of both cosmetics brings excellent rejuvenating effects. The skin becomes firm, smooth, radiant and perfectly moisturised. 

When should you start using an anti-wrinkle serum?

It's a good idea to prevent wrinkles, so it's best to start using anti-wrinkle products from the age of 25. At first, a serum alone in the morning and evening will suffice, but over time an anti-wrinkle cream should be included. 

Anti-wrinkle eye serum - is it possible?

The skin around the eyes requires gentle care and cosmetics rich in active ingredients, with a light texture that is well absorbed. Any floslek anti-wrinkle serum meets these criteria and is therefore also recommended for use under the eyes.

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Hyaluron anti-aging set: Anti-wrinkle serum +...

Time for... beautiful and smooth skin with hyaluronic acid! Do you love hyaluronic acid? Moisturise and smooth your skin and fill in wrinkles. You will gain a beautiful complexion and a great feeling of well-being. Start your morning skincare ritual by massaging the Anti-Wrinkle Serum into your...

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HYALURON Anti-wrinkle serum...

HYALURON Anti-wrinkle serum - 30 ml - Floslek

Concentrated, gel serum for care of mature skin, prone to the wrinkles formation, requiring hydration. Action: intensely moisturizes, smoothes the skin. A Vegan product. Contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested.

fitoCOLLAGEN pro age Anti-wrinkle serum with...

Vegan, milky serum for the skin requiring regeneration, tired and prone to wrinkles.  Active ingredients: Phyto-collagen obtained from Tremella fuciformis, inodorous, rich in compounds essential for collagen synthesis. Firms the skin and fills in wrinkles. It’s effectiveness exceeds the collagen...

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