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OCU HYGIENE™ Eyelid skin wipes 10 pcs - Floslek

OCU HYGIENE™ Eyelid skin wipes 10 pcs - Floslek

OCU HYGIENE® Eyelid Skin Hygiene Wipes, hypoallergenic intended for daily hygiene of eyelid skin, in conditions associated with allergy, inflammation, infections or disorders associated with excessive secretion, the presence of symptoms associated with the presence of nematodes.

Use in case of:

  • irritation, inflammation or infection of eyelid dermatitis, eyelid margins,  
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction,
  • symptoms of dry eye syndrome,
  • symptoms of pinworm infection,
  • prophylactically to remove dirt, allergens, pollen and eyelid secretions in conditions associated with hypersensitivity or allergy (e.g. allergic rhinosinusitis, allergic reactions related to the conjunctiva and eye, allergic conjunctivitis and eyelid margin inflammation),
  • to relieve dryness and irritation of the eyes, i.e. itching, a feeling of sand in the eye, pain, redness of the eyes.

The product can be used in children over 3 months of age.


Date of development: 04.2021


Laboratorium Kosmetyczne Floslek Furmanek sp.j
154 Geodetów street
05-500 Piaseczno


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