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Proper home care of feet will not only improve the condition of your skin, but also positively affect the comfort of movement, health and well-being. The use of foot deodorant reduces sweating and restores freshness to the skin. The foot spray reduces excessive sweating, conditions and works antibacterially. Foot deodorant instantly restores skin comfort and easily eliminates unpleasant odour.

How to reduce foot perspiration?
  1. wash your feet at least 2 times a day and, if possible, before changing shoes;
  2. dry your feet well after getting them wet, especially between the toes;
  3. try not to wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row so that they dry and air out for at least 24 hours. 24 hours 
  4. change socks (preferably woollen) at least twice a day
  5. have a pedicure - keep toenails short and clean, remove hard skin with a foot file
  6. regularly use foot cosmetics, including deodorants against excessive sweating
Some good foot care habits:
  1. check your feet - try to look at your feet regularly - pay particular attention to the soles, heels and the area between the toes. In this way, you will notice any changes and adjust your care to the needs of your skin. 
  2. wash your feet with mild preparations in warm water. Hot water and soaps can have a drying effect on your skin.
  3. dry your feet thoroughly - infections tend to thrive in damp areas, so make sure you dry the area between your toes thoroughly.
  4. use specialist foot care products - proper moisturising, protection against excessive perspiration, heel care and prevention of corns are the basic principles for healthy and beautiful feet.