After shave balm for men

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Proper skin care should be a daily priority for men.  Taking good care of men's skin is more than just washing your face or shaving your beard. Using moisturisers for men and aftershave balms are essential to keep skin in top condition. The aftershave balm is a lightweight cosmetic that effectively soothes the skin after shaving, moisturises and, thanks to its antiseptic content, prevents infections.

What's the difference between an aftershave balm and a regular balm?

Although lotions and moisturisers often have similar properties, the reasons for using them are fundamentally different. Moisturising creams for men are intended to moisturise and soften the skin to keep it in the best possible condition for a long time. Aftershave balms are meant to soothe and relieve the skin in the short term. This means that the ingredients in aftershave cosmetics are geared towards providing immediate relief.

What is the difference between an aftershave balm and aftershave water?

An aftershave balm differs from aftershave water in that it usually does not contain alcohol, which can irritate or pinch when applied. An aftershave balm moisturises and refreshes the skin after shaving, as well as restoring elasticity and providing protection from the elements.