Anti-perspirant roll-on

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Antiperspirants are a great solution to staying fresh even during a busy day. If you've ever had to change your shirt in the middle of the day due to excessive sweating, an anti-perspirant roll-on could be the solution to your problem. If you're on the go all day, antiperspirant is a discreet and convenient way to stay fresh and dry for 24-48 hours. To maintain the effectiveness of your anti-perspirant, apply in the morning to clean underarms.

How do I make my antiperspirant more effective?

1) Maintain sufficient hygiene and dry your skin thoroughly after showering.

2) Wash your skin with a mild, natural pH gel.

3) Shampoo your underarms regularly.

4) Apply your anti-perspirant to dry skin. 

5) Allow antiperspirant to dry completely before putting on any clothes. 

6) Wear airy clothes made of natural materials.

How to use antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant temporarily blocks sweat production, keeping you dry and reducing odour! Find out how to use antiperspirant for the most effective fight against sweat and odour. Apply your anti-perspirant to clean, dry skin, ideally just after showering. Wait a few minutes before putting on your clothes so it can be absorbed into your skin.