Protective face cream

In autumn and winter our skin becomes sensitive, dry and easily irritated. So how can we protect our skin against cold, wind, dry air and smog? A protective face cream can help - it is an irreplaceable cosmetic during autumn and winter. When the natural protective barrier of the skin is breached, we need to provide it with proper care and nourishing ingredients and make sure that it does not dry out. A good winter protection cream fulfils all these functions. 

Which sun protection cream should I choose?

A protective cream should contain active ingredients that moisturise, regenerate and protect the epidermis. For this reason, it is worth choosing the Winter Protection Cream with vitamin E, panthenol and sweet almond oil.

How do I protect my little ones' skin?

In order to protect and care for delicate children's skin in winter, we recommend a protective cream for children, which contains sweet almond oil, panthenol, vitamin E and protective waxes. This combination of ingredients will ensure that the skin is properly moisturised and lubricated. 

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FLOSIK All weather protective cream for babies and...

Protects the skin perfectly against unfavourable influence of atmospheric conditions (low temperatures, humidity, wind, sun). Action: moisturises and makes skin resilient, leaves a delicate protective film, does not show any irritating or allerigizing action. Intended for children over 6 months...

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WINTER CARE Protective winter cream - 50 ml - Floslek

Ideal protection for any type of facial skin, neck and hands from the wind and low temperatures even up to -20oC.The cream protects the skin against extreme weather conditions (frost, cold and wind).Vitamin E, sweet almond oil and panthenol protect, nourish, regenerate and soothe....

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WINTER CARE Winter protective cream for children -...

Shields sensitive skin from winter weather conditions and leaves on it a delicate protective film. Designed for children from 3 years of age. Action: protects and cares for the skin, provides proper lubrication and hydration, strengthens the natural lipid barrier, prevents drying and reduces the...

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WINTER CARE Winter must have set of 3 cosmetics -...

A set of winter cosmetics that protect against cold weather: low temperatures, strong sun and wind. The set includes: Hand and nail winter cream with keratin and vitamin E, Protective lipstick UV SPF 20, Winter sun cream SPF 50+. Dermatologically tested.

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