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REVIVE LASHES® Eye Contour Pencil Charming black -...

Velvety formula with vitamin E provides an exceptionally easy yet precise application. The effect of perfect coverage and semi-matte finish emphasizes the shape of the eye by adding sharpness and freshness. The sponge tip allows you to perform seductive smoky makeup. Dermatologically tested.

Black eyeliner pencil - without it many women cannot imagine a perfect evening make-up. It allows you to precisely emphasise the eye line, make it more expressive, make it look bigger and the lashes thicker. The eyeliner pencil should be soft so that it is easy to apply. Black eyeliner pencil is the most popular option, but coloured pencils are also popular: brown, grey, blue or green. We should choose a pencil that matches the colour of the iris.   

How to create an even eyeliner?

Drawing a precise line on the eye takes practice and a steady hand. Try to line just above the upper lash line, avoiding the inner corner of the eye. If it's not even, blur it with a sponge and enjoy the smoky eye effect. Remember, a few tries and you'll get the hang of it!

Which eyeliner for beginners?

If you're about to make your first eyeliner attempts, choose Floslek automatic eyeliner pencil. The application is made easier not only by the retractable tip, which does not need to be sharpened, but also by the sponge, which can be used to spread the line and create a smoky eye.