Face tonic

Facial toner is a care cosmetic that should be permanently installed in our bathroom. It plays a very important role in daily care - in the morning and evening, after cleansing, it restores the natural pH level of our skin. Moreover, depending on the type and needs of our skin, we can choose a tonic for acne-prone skin, a moisturising tonic or a tonic for couperose skin. Then, there are also ingredients inhibiting sebum secretion, soothing, moisturising or strengthening vessels.

The best tonic without alcohol!

Alcohol can be very drying to the skin and damages its protective lipid layer. This causes our skin to produce more sebum as an act of defence, making it shinier. A toner without alcohol can stop this vicious circle (dry and shiny skin at the same time). 

Acne tonic - the way to fewer pimples

Floslek acne face tonic has a normalising effect on the skin, cleanses pores and inhibits sebum production. The complexion gains a healthy appearance. Well-cleaned skin with an even pH level is less prone to the formation of pimples, blackheads and papules. 

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Alcohol-free toner for sensitive skin - 150 ml -...

Alcohol-free toner is recommended for everyday care of all skin types, especially for people with inborn or acquired hypersensitivity. Used post face cleansing with milk or water with soap, removes remains of impurities. It is perfectly absorbed without leaving a feeling of stickiness. Action:...

Price €4.31
  • Vegan

WHITE & BEAUTY® AHA Spot lightening toner - 200 ml -...

Toner cleansing the skin with pigmentation changes. Action: it provides gently keratolytic effect and softening the epidermis, removes natural impurities and make-up residue, reduces the intensity of different pigmentation changes such as sun-damage related spots, freckles, spots related to...

Price €4.77
  • Vegan

CAPILLARIES pro® Alcohol-free toner pH 5,5 - 200 ml...

Alcohol-free toner pH 5,5 designed for care of skin with dilated capillaries, also sensitive, prone to temporary or permanent redness and erythema. Action: reduces redness and tendency to broken capillaries, restores the natural pH balance, refreshes the skin and visibly improves its appearance....

Price €4.03
  • Vegan