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stopCapillaries Concentrate with hesperidin redness...

Concentrate for care of the skin around the eyes (dark circles) and capillary skin with a tendency to erythema, dilated capillaries and periodic hypersensitivity. Good for capillary skin: hesperidin, dermochlorella, niacinamide, horse chestnut extract, prebiotic. Action: restores an even skin...

GREEN for skin® Serum with parsley 3 in 1 - 30 ml -...

3 in 1 - serum, gel and mask. Use as you like! Light, jelly cocktail includes parsley and cucumber with the pleasent scent of green tea – it is an for infusion of vitality coming from nature. Intensely and deeply moisturizes, nourishes and conditions. Makes the skin looks relaxed, brightened and...

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Facial reinforcing serum improves the appearance of the skin with capillaries. Ladies and gentlemen know how big the problem is, as their skin reacts with redness to every change in weather, temperature fluctuation or wind. Care for capillary skin requires reaching for plant ingredients that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent their cracking or widening under the influence of atmospheric conditions. You will find most of these ingredients in Floslek's vascular strengthening serum from the vascular pro series. 

Serum for capillary skin - how does it work?

The serum contains higher concentrations of active ingredients, therefore its action is stronger than that of the cream alone. Thanks to ingredients such as acerola and arnica montana extracts it strengthens capillaries, improves their elasticity and brightens skin tone. 

Will a capillary strengthening serum eliminate dark circles under the eyes?

Serum is a cosmetic that can be applied to the skin around the eyes. Floslek's reinforcing serum is perfect for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes, as its active ingredients brighten the skin and reduce bruises and shadows under the eyes.