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REVIVE NAILS Repairing nails and cuticles serum - 8...

Repairing serum is recommended for thin, weakened and damaged nails, prone to cracking, breaking and splitting. Also recommended as a hybrid manicure treatment. Action: perfectly cares nails and cuticles, moisturizes, nourishes, improves the appearance,  makes nails plate harder and thicker**...

Nail and cuticle serum REVIVE NAILS with rebuilding action recommended for care and regeneration of weakened and brittle nails, prone to cracking and splitting. Also perfect as a treatment after hybrid manicure. Perfectly complements a basic manicure.

How to improve the condition of nails after hybrid?

Revive Nails regenerating serum has a beneficial effect on the nail plate, which becomes noticeably harder, strengthened and thicker, as well as more resistant to damage. Used regularly, the serum smoothes the nail plate and reduces damage. It also prevents discolouration and evens out the plate colour.

How do I apply nail serum?

Nail serum should be applied to a cleaned nail plate with no other product on it. The conditioner should be applied evenly with a brush attached to the tube. Leave the product to dry on the nail. Application can be repeated if necessary or even daily.