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ARNICA® Spray 20% for dilated capillaries, redness,...

Active formula in the form of mist is remommended for skin: prone to dilated capillaries forming, redness and bruises, for people who use body massage, before and after the treatment, after insect bites. Convenient and easy application. It spreads perfectly and is quickly absorbed....

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ARNICA® Gel Forte dilated...

ARNICA® Gel Forte dilated capillaries, bruising,...

The gel forte formula (arnica + acerola + troxerutin) provides effective care of the skin with dilated capillaries. Firms, strengthens and evens out skin tone. Used regularly, it enhances skin tone, bruising is reduced by 26% after one week of application, and by 39% after 4 weeks.*** Applied in...

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ARNICA® Arnica gel for dilated capillaries, bruises...

Care for skin with dilated capillaries, first aid for puffiness, bruises and swelling. Action: gel reduces visibility of skin redness, bruising and dilated capillaries, gently cools, provides soothing effect, it accelerates skin regeneration, improves skin appearance. The gel is well absorbed....

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Arnica gel for dilated capillaries, bruises and...

Care for skin with dilated capillaries, prone to reddening, bruises and puffiness. Action: evens out the skin tone and reduces visibility of redness and bruises, gently cools, soothes puffs, injuries, swelling, accelerates regeneration, improves moisturizing, so that the skin is tighter, less...

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Cosmetics for the skin with dilated capillaries pro are recommended for the care of all skin types with dilated capillaries and a tendency to erythema. Used regularly, they reduce the tendency to develop redness. Effectively protect against the action of external factors.

What for capillaries?

Selected plant-derived ingredients contained in FLOSLEK Cosmetics Laboratories' cosmetics, which have a beneficial effect on couperose skin.

- ginkgo biloba extract,

- horse chestnut extract,

- extract from violet,

- arnica montana extract,

- dry horse chestnut extract,

- sweet almond oil.

How to reduce cracked capillaries?

For broken capillaries you should use a set of cosmetics designed for the care of sensitive skin with dilated blood vessels - we recommend the Capillary pro Floslek line. Thanks to active ingredients, such as ginkgo biloba extract, pansy and arnica montana, the facial cosmetics have a positive effect on capillary skin and reduce redness, gently lubricate and restore the correct pH of the skin.