Hand butter

Hand butter is an excellent cosmetic that provides immediate relief to very dry and chapped hands. The thick, creamy formula spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving a delicately felt protective layer on your hands. It is a good idea to apply the hand butter after every hand washing or whenever you feel that your hands are dry or dehydrated.

How to care for badly damaged hands?

Hand skin becomes dry when it is deprived of sebum and moisture. Dry hands are very uncomfortable and rough to the touch, especially on the inside. In order to avoid unpleasant symptoms, use a hand butter with powerful regenerating and revitalising action, which brings relief to rough and dry hands after the first application.

How often should I apply hand cream?

This depends on the condition of your hands and how often you wash them during the day. We suggest applying hand butter after every wash or when you feel them dry and rough.

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HAND CARE Hand Butter REGENERATING - 50 ml - Floslek

Use this regenerating hand butter to pamper your hands with moments of pleasure and envelop yourself in a delicate magnolia fragrance. Action: the rich hydrophobic formula provides a strong regenerating and revitalizing effect, brings relief to dry and rough hands from the first use, it also has...

Price €2.52

HAND CARE Hand Butter NOURISHING - 50 ml - Floslek

Discover this highly effective hand butter with excellent nourishing properties and succumb to the summery fragrance of olives and figs. Action: The extremely rich hydrophobic formula enhances the epidermal hydro-lipid barrier, intensely regenerates your skin, fortifies and strengthens your...

Price €2.52

HAND CARE Hand Butter ANTI-AGING - 50 ml - Floslek

Try out this intensely smoothing hand butter with a sweet coconut and vanilla fragrance. Show off velvety skin which is smooth as silk and soft to the touch. Action: the rich hydrophobic formula makes your skin perfectly moisturized and smooth, it provides protection from harmful environmental...

Price €2.52

Hand Butter Regenerating cherry blossom - 50 ml -...

Let yourself be enchanted by the intensely regenerating hand butter with a distinctive cherry scent. The rich formula based on the beneficial effects of sweet almond oil and shea butter: perfectly nourishes, soothes, softens the epidermis, strengthens the skin’s protective lipid barrier....

Price €2.52

Hand Butter Moisturizing aloe vera - 50 ml - Floslek

Discover this highly effective hand butter with strongly moisturizing properties and try out fresh scent of aloe vera. Rich formula based on sunflower oil and aloe vera gel: perfectly soothes and regenerates, maintains the proper moisture of the skin, protects it from drying out, it strengthens...

Price €2.52