Hand cream

Hand skin is very delicate and sensitive, and very prone to drying due to frequent contact with water and detergents, atmospheric factors as a result of which they quickly freeze and become dry. A good hand cream should optimally moisturise, regenerate damaged and irritated skin, reduce the roughness of the epidermis, and additionally care for the condition of nails.

Why is it so important to protect your hands?

Hand cream is one of the indispensable beauty products you should take with you everywhere. Thin and delicate, the skin on your hands is exposed to unfavourable environmental conditions on a daily basis, which is why it is so important to take care of it according to the season and your skin's needs.

Which hand cream for winter?

Whether you're about to go skiing in the Alps, freezing while shoveling snow from your backyard, it's important to give your hands the best protection and optimal nourishment in adverse conditions. Cold temperatures have a negative effect on hand skin, which can become dry, dull and prone to cracking. For winter, look for products with a rich texture, such as hand butters or thick lotions.

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WHITE & BEAUTY® Hand Cream Anti-Aging against...

Hand cream recommended to care of mature skin, prone to uneven pigmentation and discolorations to forming. Action: the cream ideally moisturizes and lubricates, soothes the feeling of dryness and roughness caused by detergents, provides lifting effect in 88% of probants* and smoothes the skin in...

WINTER CARE mini Hand and nail winter cream with...

Mini (30 ml) Hand and nail winter cream provides care and protection for chapped and excessively dry hands. Action: cream moisturizes, lubricates and smoothes the skin of hands, reducing its roughness, protects against low temperatures, wind and humidity. beneficial effects on the condition of...

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WINTER CARE Hand and nail winter cream with keratin...

The cream protects hand skin against low temperatures, wind and humidity. Action: lubricates, smoothes and reduces the roughness of the skin, has a beneficial effects on the condition of the nails, reducing their tendency to split and breaking. Dermatologically tested.

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