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BALERINA Refreshing foot gel 50 ml - Floslek

Gel cools and restores comfort to tired and sore feet. Supports the regenerative processes, nourishes the skin, leaving it hydrated, refreshed and soothed. Regularly used, it softens and smooths hard skin, e.g. on the heels. Decreases excessive sweating of the feet. Vegan product....

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  • Vegan

Tired and aching leg cream with dry extract from...

The formula is intended for leg care, particularly for people susceptible to swellings and puffiness caused by vascular disorders, long-lasting standing position, heat etc. Action: removes the feeling of tired and heavy legs, brings immediate relief, perfectly smooths, gently lubricates, softens...

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Massaging the limbs can improve circulation in the veins and capillaries and help alleviate the symptoms of tired, heavy legs, providing immediate relief and refreshment.  Specialised cosmetics contain active ingredients: horse chestnut seed extract rich in escin, flavonoids and coumarin and ginkgo biloba extract rich in bioflavonoids, which have a very beneficial effect on capillaries and additionally care for skin prone to swelling.

Which gel for tired legs?

Floslek leg gel with horse chestnut and ginkgo for tired, heavy and restless legs. Applied with a massage, it reduces the feeling of swelling that occurs at the end of the day. Gentle massage improves circulation as well as Horse chestnut gel brings an immediate relaxing effect.

What are the symptoms of heavy legs?

The feeling of heavy legs can be caused by overload or, on the contrary, by an inactive lifestyle or illness. Symptoms include:

- swelling of the limbs

- the appearance of spider veins or varicose veins

- numbness or dullness in the legs

- constant or throbbing pain in the legs

- a cold or tingling sensation

- bruising 

- difficulty standing or sitting for long periods of time or walking

- restless legs effect