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Floslek SENSITIVE Fresh antiperspirant deo roll-on for sensitive skin

FRESH Antiperspirant Deo roll-on for sensitive skin...

Perfect care and protection of delicate, sensitive and prone to allergy armpit skin. 0% alcohol, 12h of freshness, no white marks!Antiperspirant Deo roll-on: provides pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness, reduces excessive perspiration, neutralises sweat odour. Dermatologically tested....

If you struggle with redness on your face, persistent burning sensations, discomfort after applying cosmetics and irritation from atmospheric changes - your skin is probably sensitive. It is essential that your sensitive skin care routine contains gentle ingredients with proven skin strengthening and protecting properties. Cosmetics should also contain soothing substances to soothe and calm delicate skin.

How to cleanse sensitive skin?
    1. When washing your face, use cosmetics for sensitive skin to thoroughly cleanse your face of makeup residue and impurities while maintaining the natural pH of healthy skin.
    2. People with sensitive skin should not exaggerate with exfoliation. If using a scrub, we recommend opting for a gentle face scrub with AHA acids. 
    How to care for sensitive skin?

    Sensitive skin needs renewal and intensive care. The perfect solution is a regenerating cream that improves the appearance of the epidermis and visually reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The moisturising cream for sensitive skin visibly smoothes the skin and makes it less rough. It is perfect under make-up and increases its durability.