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Floslek Skin care Expert ALL DAY Smoothing Base


A unique cosmetic designed for women who appreciate a perfect make-up. The base smooths and evens out the skin, filling in the wrinkles. The formula spreads evenly over the face, without accumulating in the folds. The skin receives an instant feels delicate and soft, and the make-up lasts much...

Make-up base prepares the skin for make-up application. It is applied directly over serum or cream to smooth the skin. This makes it easier to apply foundation evenly and prevents it from sinking into hollows. A base significantly prolongs the life of your make-up and makes your whole make-up look better. Just find the best foundation primer for you - it could be a moisturising makeup base to bring back freshness to your complexion, or a smoothing makeup base to hide fine lines.

Make-up base - find out its benefits!

First of all, a well-chosen base evens out the skin's surface, can smooth out minor imperfections and conceal mimic wrinkles. Thanks to it the foundation "sticks" to the skin better. And you do not have to have a foundation from the highest price category to be stunning!

Which makeup base - silicone or water-based?

Silicone make-up base has a smoothing effect, but leaves a film on the skin that can clog pores. It is ideal for special occasion make-up. A water-based base does not weigh down the skin, but is not suitable for use directly under loose products.