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Hyperpigmentation occurs on the skin when the body produces too much melanin, a brown pigment. This can be caused by hormonal changes, medication, genetic predisposition or even sunlight. Some blemishes disappear on their own, such as those that appear during pregnancy. But not all. The rescue in such situations is the use of appropriate cosmetics. A good cream for discolouration has an exfoliating effect, helps to even out skin tone and a whitening cream lightens discolouration. 

How to prevent hyperpigmentation?

The key is to protect the skin with cosmetics that have a high SPF filter - then you will not need a face cream with discolouration. People with light skin, pregnant women and the elderly, who are most at risk of developing hyperpigmentation, should take care of this. 

Which hyperpigmentation whitening cream will be effective?

We expect a face cream for hyperpigmentation to reduce brown spots and freckles. When choosing a whitening cream, look for one that has a concentrated whitening complex in its formulation, as well as moisturising ingredients and UV filters. 

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WHITE & BEAUTY® Intense spots and freckles...

The cream is recommended for those with uneven skin tone, brown spots, freckles (especially on face, neckline area, back and hands). It can be used under make-up. Action: evens skin tone, reduces skin discolouration, helps to minimize the formation of sunspots, moisturizes, lubricates and...

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