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Overnight, delightfully creamy mask designed for dry skin, requiring deep hydration, as well as dry after the summer or stressed by external factors (e.g. air conditioning, wind, etc.). Also recommended for skin requiring smoothing, with first wrinkles and around the eyes. At night, when you fall...

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Rough skin with flaky cuticles is a clear sign that the epidermis is not sufficiently moisturised. A moisturising face mask can help. It is best to look for a cosmetic for use at night. Such moisturising face masks, thanks to their long-lasting effect, will be more effective. They should contain highly concentrated ingredients to improve skin hydration: hyaluronic acid, CICA extract, algae, aloe vera or water lily. In the morning, your skin will be fresh, healthy and supple.

A moisturising mask is essential!

Well-moisturised skin looks beautiful, healthy and retains all its important protective functions - moisturising masks slow down the ageing process, maintain the skin's elasticity and suppleness, reduce sebum production and protect against irritation.

Floslek mask - which moisturises best?

We have tailored our facial moisturising masks to the needs of different skin types. We offer special proposals for those who are looking for the best cosmetics for dry skin (TOLOVE), vascular (NACZYNKA pro), mature (SPHERE-3D and Gold& Energy).