Strengthening face mask

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The reinforcing mask is a cosmetic for special tasks. It should be used especially by people with broken capillaries and skin prone to irritation and redness. The Strengthening Face Mask contains highly concentrated ingredients which improve the condition of couperose skin, such as horse chestnut extract, arnica extract and vitamin C. By using the face mask you will provide sensitive, dry and flabby skin with maximum nutrition, hydration and regeneration. 

How to strengthen the capillary skin?

The vascular skin requires care with cosmetics rich in plant components which strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It is also important to regularly supply the skin with moisturising and nourishing ingredients, which will strengthen its protective barrier.

What for broken capillaries?

Face masks with horse chestnut, arnica and troxerutin work best - applied in the evening they provide comprehensive care for the skin prone to spider veins - they strengthen capillaries, reduce the visibility of redness. They also improve skin hydration and elasticity.