Make-up remover

Make-up remover milks are for women who prefer creamy, gentle cleansing formulas that also care for and leave a light protective film on the skin. A good eye make-up remover can even remove waterproof mascara. Nowadays, make-up removers owe their effectiveness to natural plant oils that have replaced the paraffin used previously. Therefore, today you do not have to worry about clogged pores or a sticky feeling on your skin.

Why use make-up remover milk?

Floslek Natural Makeup Removal Milk contains up to 96% ingredients of natural origin, including Shea butter and aloe vera juice. This makes it perfect for removing make-up from around the eyes, eyelashes and lips without tightening, drying or irritating the skin.

Is lotion for everyone?

Make-up remover milks, especially those rich in natural plant extracts and oils, can be recommended for almost every skin type, including dry or vascular ones. People with acne-prone skin should be cautious about using this type of cosmetic.

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CAPILLARIES pro® Cleansing lotion - 200 ml - Floslek

Lotion for cleansing skin with dilated capillaries, prone to temporary or permanent redness and the formation of erythema. Action: gently and effectively cleanses the skin of make-up and impurities, relaxes, refreshes and soothes. Arnica extract and eyebright extract are beneficial to the skin...