Face wash gel

Without thorough make-up removal and facial cleansing, we cannot dream of a healthy complexion without imperfections. Facial cleansing gel is the basis of skin care, both for women and men. This type of cosmetic is necessary, among others, in case of acne. Floslek acne face wash gel contains natural cleansing substances, which not only cleanse the skin, but also inhibit the secretion of sebum. The gel does not dry out the skin and does not cause astringent sensation. It also prevents the appearance of blackheads.

Jaki żel do mycia twarzy wybrać?

The choice of cosmetic depends on our skin type. If we are fighting with imperfections, look for the words on the labels: Acne face wash gel. If washing cosmetics dry our skin, let us reach for face wash gels for dry, sensitive skin. 

Which face washes are non-drying?

To keep your skin well-hydrated after washing, reach for gentle face washes that contain moisturisers such as panthenol, CICA or glycerine. The natural, alcohol-free formulation will not disturb the hydrolipidic film and will maintain the skin's natural pH.

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ANTI ACNE 24h System Face Cleansing Gel 200 ml -...

Use: daily care and cleansing of mixeduswa and oily skin, prone to acne, eruptions and blackheads. Action: gently cleanses removes impurities and excess sebum. Active ingredients: Seboregulating complex normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, thus delaying the oily skin of the face....

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  • Vegan
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Gentle face wash gel with panthenol for sensitive skin SENSITIVE - FLOSLEK

Mild face cleasing gel for sensitive skin - 175 ml -...

Mild face cleasing gel with Panthenol for sensitive skin by FLOSLEK Everyday care and gentle cleansing of particularly sensitive and dry skin with inborn or acquired skin hypersensitivity, prone to allergy. cleanses and refreshes the face skin, does not cause the feeling of tightening, does not...

Price PLN29.99
  • Vegan
Washing gel for capillary and sensitive skin with soapwort and ginkgo biloba FLOSLEK 200ml

CAPILLARIES pro® Cleansing gel - 200 ml - Floslek

Cleansing gel designed for skin with dilated capillaries, also sensitive, prone to temporary or permanent redness and erythema. Action: gently and effectively cleanses the face, the neck and neckline from natural dirt and makeup leaving skin refreshed and soothed. Dermatologically tested. Vegan...

Price PLN22.99
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