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PEELLOVE® Marine Gommage peeling with AHA acids 75...

Dreaming of flawless skin? Discover a beautifully scented face gommage peeling - you'll love its action at first use! Cleansing by "rubbing": apply, massage, rinse and that's it! The effect is addictive! Dermatologically tested. Vegan product.

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  • Vegan
Gommage BALANCE T-zone facial cleansing scrub with AHA acids smoothing night peeling FLOSLEK 125g

BALANCE T-ZONE Gommage Peeling with AHA acids - 125g...

Gommage peeling with acids AHA (pH 1.75 - 2.4) is an express peeling for all types of skin, even sensitive. After the first use deeply cleanses, removes calloused epidermis and reduces the feeling of roughness. Regularly used, it unblocks and reduces pores, reduces greasy skin and improves skin...

Price PLN34.99
  • Vegan

The gommage peel is one of the milder acid peels on the market. It has a gel texture without any particles. It works like an eraser, which rubs off dead epidermis from the face. However, thanks to AHA acids it does it very delicately, without irritating even sensitive skin. It is also recommended for people with vascular skin. Such facial peeling expressly removes dead cells, smoothes and moisturises the skin. It also evens out its colour. For people with combination skin, it helps to restore the balance of dry and oily parts of the face.  

Who is the gommage peel for?

Gommage peeling makes life easier for all owners of sensitive and allergic skin who could not use mechanical peeling. The AHA acids dissolve dead skin cells, which is more beneficial for couperose and easily irritated skin.

How does a gommage peel work?

Apply it to a moistened face and gently massage the skin. After a few moments you will feel under your fingers rolled-up cuticles, which look like a worn-out school eraser. This is a sign that the AHA acids have dissolved the dead skin, which can now be washed off the face with lukewarm water.