Acid face peeling

Until a few years ago, acid peels could only be used in beauty salons. Now there are no such restrictions. Floslek acid peeling is a recipe for rapid improvement in problematic skin. It can be used at home, although this must be done in accordance with indications. If you suffer from acne, hyperpigmentation or are worried about your first wrinkles, you can get rid of the problem by reaching for a suitable peeling. You can find them in Floslek's online shop and in pharmacies.

Does the acid peel wash off?

Floslek acid peelings should be used in the evening on cleansed facial skin. They do not need to be washed off - after applying on the skin, it is enough to wait a few minutes until they are absorbed. Then you can apply a night cream, chosen according to your skin's needs.

Does acid peeling eliminate acne?

The acid peeling for acne contains prebiotics, yeast extract, zinc and niacinamide, which inhibit the development of microorganisms, regulate sebum secretion and regenerate the epidermis. As a result, acne lesions are less visible and the skin remains matt for longer.  

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DERMO EXPERT® ANTI ACNE Normalizing acid peel night...

NORMALIZING Acid peel for night care is a specialist dermocosmetic indicated as therapy for oily and acne-prone skin. 2 –STEP TREATMENT: 1 STEP – intensive treatment (after 7 days): reduction of redness  in 92% of probants*, reduction of tendency to clog pores in 100% of probants*. 2 STEP –...

Price PLN35.99

DERMO EXPERT® ANTI AGING Rejuvenating acid peel...

Rejuvenating acid peel for night care is a specialist dermocosmetic indicated as an anti-wrinkle therapy for mature skin. 2 STEP TREATMENT: 1 STEP– intensive treatment (after 7 days): improved skin smoothing in 100% of probants*, improved skin firmness and elasticity in 85% of probants*. 2 STEP –...

Price PLN35.99
WHITE & BEAUTY brightening night acid peel for freckles and hyperpigmentation FLOSLEK 30ml

DERMO EXPERT® WHITE & BEAUTY® Lightening acid peel...

Lightening acid peel is a specialist dermocosmetic product indicated as an intensive therapy for uneven pigmentation skin. 2-STEP TREATMENT: 1 STEP– INTENSIVE TREATMENT (after 7 days): improved skin smoothing in 92% of probants*, skin color lightening in 69% of probants*. 2 STEP – MAINTENANCE...

Price PLN35.99
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