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ANTI ACNE 24H System Enzymatic peeling - 50 ml -...

The peeling is recommended for oily, acne-prone and mixed skin prone to excessive sebum secretion and imperfections. Action: cleanses and refreshes the skin, gently removes callous epidermis layer without necessity of rubbing, thoroughly removes excess of sebum, accelerates skin regeneration,...

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Enzymatic peeling is used to remove dead skin, smooth the skin and prepare it for further skin care treatments. Although it is a chemical peel, it is very gentle and can be used at home. This treatment is an important step in skincare because it allows the epidermis to better absorb the active ingredients contained in the serum or cream applied immediately after deep cleansing of the face. Peeling also shrinks pores and refreshes the skin.

Enzymatic peeling for which skin type?

The enzyme scrub is very gentle, so it is recommended for removing dead skin for all skin types, including sensitive or vascular skin. It is a vegan scrub, so it is the best enzyme scrub for all vegans and vegetarians. 

Does an enzyme peel burn?

A good enzymatic peeling, chosen according to your skin's needs, should not irritate it. Slight redness after the treatment is a natural phenomenon, but if during the peeling the skin burns and after washing the face remains red for a long time, it may indicate an allergy.