Illuminating serum

An illuminating face serum designed for all skin types will leave your complexion radiant, healthy and well-hydrated. A serum with vitamin C or rose extract gives the best illuminating results. A serum with illuminating particles, which reflect light beautifully, works well too - such a cosmetic leaves a shiny layer on the skin. If you are looking for a good serum that smooths wrinkles and evens out skin tone, choose Floslek's illuminating serum

Which illuminating face serum to choose?

In summer, when skin is tanned, it is enough to apply a moisturising serum with shiny particles, such as Pearls from Floslek, instead of make-up. After summer it is worth using serums with vitamin C - this ingredient brightens the skin and eliminates discolouration.

Illuminating serum where to buy?

There's a great selection of illuminating cosmetics at (Fast shipping to the European Union and the United Kingdom) Here you can find Vitamin C concentrates, serums with rose and peony (makes the skin look radiant), and even Pearls - serums encased in small pearls that make the skin look fresh and attractive.

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