Hand care

The appearance of our hands is our business card. Therefore, it is not surprising that we try to keep our hands in the best possible condition. To make them look beautiful in every place and in every situation, it is necessary to take care of them systematically. Then they will thank you with a healthy look, without discolouration, roughness, which is created, for example, by dry skin between the fingers and cracked skin on the palms.

How to care for badly damaged hands?

Hand skin becomes dry when it is deprived of sebum and moisture. Dry hands are very uncomfortable and rough to the touch, especially on the inside. 

To avoid unpleasant symptoms, try to follow these tips:

  1. Use gentle hand soaps.
  2. Wash hands with lukewarm water.
  3. Avoid using hand dryers.
  4. Use rich, highly moisturising creams.
  5. Apply repair masks at night.
  6. Wear gloves when cleaning to limit contact with detergents.
How often should I apply hand cream?

This depends on the condition of your hands and how often you wash them during the day. We suggest applying the cream after every hand wash or when you feel your hands are dry and rough. 

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HAND CARE Moisturizing hand cream FLORAL - 50 ml -...

Moisturizing hand cream with a captivating, floral aroma of paradise garden. Action: provides intensive and long-lasting moisturization, protects against dryness and roughness of epidermis, leaves the skin soft, firm and elastic. Dermatologically tested. Vegan product.

REVIVE NAILS Repairing nails and cuticles serum - 8...

Repairing serum is recommended for thin, weakened and damaged nails, prone to cracking, breaking and splitting. Also recommended as a hybrid manicure treatment. Action: perfectly cares nails and cuticles, moisturizes, nourishes, improves the appearance,  makes nails plate harder and thicker** and...

HAND CARE Nourishing hand cream TROPICAL - 50 ml -...

Nourishing hand cream with a sensual, woody notes of evergreen, rain forest. Action: deeply nourishes dry and rough skin, pleasantly (nicely) smootes and softens the epidermis, leaves the skin intensly moisturized and lubricated, velvety smooth and elastic. Dermatologically tested. Vegan product.

WINTER CARE Hand and nail winter cream with keratin...

The cream protects hand skin against low temperatures, wind and humidity. Action: lubricates, smoothes and reduces the roughness of the skin, has a beneficial effects on the condition of the nails, reducing their tendency to split and breaking. Dermatologically tested.

HAND CARE Smoothing hand cream EXOTIC - 50 ml - Floslek

Smoothing hand cream with the aroma of juicy, stimulating senses and energetic exotic fruit. Action: smoothes and softens the skin, excellently moisturizes and lubricates, protects against excessive dryness of the epidermis, leaves the skin perfectly nourished, softened and soothed....