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ARNICA ACTIVE Skin care stick WARMING 16g - Floslek

ARNICA ACTIVE STICK is recommended for spot care especially for active people, athletes and the elderly. Action: Based on formula rich in arnica montana extract, regenerates, provides soothing and relaxing effect. Thermoactive Complexhelps to ensure gradual and evenly warming action, brings...

Arnica Active warming gel with a nurturing effect, helps to alleviate muscle pains. Recommended especially for active people, sportspeople and the elderly. Full of herbal extracts which improve the condition of the skin. The ginger and cinnamon contained in the cosmetic induce a pleasant warm feeling. 

How quickly does the Warming-up Gel work?

A pleasant warming sensation appears immediately after application. It has a relaxing, de-stressing and loosening effect, especially after physical exertion, overtraining and fatigue. The gel is recommended for use on the skin. The effect of warmth and slight reddening of the skin is a guarantee of immediate cosmetic effect. The feeling of warmth lasts for about 30-40 minutes.

How to use the warming gel?

Warming-up gel has a soothing effect on muscle tension after physical effort. It brings relief to sore muscles. Apply the warming gel on the skin and leave it to be absorbed. Wash hands thoroughly after application.