ECO universal jar for Floslek products

CREATIVE EKO jar is reusable. Fits interchangeable REFILL cartridges from the line: LIFT effect, NAVIL pro, COLLAGEN up, GREEN for skin, ROSE for skin.

Why use the FLOSLEK universal jar?

Ideal if you have bought a REFILL replacement thermos and don't have a jar for it. It benefits you and the planet


  1. reducing plastic by 80%,
  2. reducing paper by 60%.


  1. 20% saving for your wallet.
How do I replace the cartridge? It's easy!
  1. When you have used up all your cream, pull the white refill upwards to remove it from the jar.
  2. Put a new cartridge in its place and remove the protective plate.
  3. Use the cap to close the jar.
  4. Enjoy the beauty of your skin in the knowledge that you are doing something good for nature!
  5. Take care of the Earth with us - it's the only home we have!

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Universal outer jar - Floslek

We are one of the first companies in Poland to offer beauty products in refillable packaging, i.e. one that can be filled up with a product refill. Thanks to this innovative solution, our cosmetic jars can find new life after they have been emptied. The outer jar is universal and reusable: it can...

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