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Universal outer jar - Floslek

We are one of the first companies in Poland to offer beauty products in refillable packaging, i.e. one that can be filled up with a product refill. Thanks to this innovative solution, our cosmetic jars can find new life after they have been emptied. The outer jar is universal and reusable: it can...

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Many people say that they can only relax their bodies during a visit to a spa. Indeed, the level of relaxation after a visit to a beauty salon is particularly high. However, remember that you can achieve very similar effects at home with your favourite body care products.

FLOSLEK advises - create a SPA ritual at home

Feminine care is not only about daily moisturising of the skin, a regenerating mask applied in the evening or remembering to use eye cream every day, not only after a sleepless night. Feminine care is a daily beauty ritual, a way to feel good in the morning and a moment of relaxation after a hard day.