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Balerina Anti-Friction Anti-Blister SOS Stick...

Effective to protect areas exposed to frictions and blisters. Forms an invisible barrier that reduces friction and rubbing of the skin. Nourishes, moisturizes and soothes. Well tolerated by sensitive skin. Convenient application. From 1st day of life. Application: blisters and frictions...

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The stick acts as a "plaster" protecting the epidermis against abrasions. It creates an invisible protective layer on the skin, which prevents abrasions and blisters. Active ingredients of the stick reduce discomfort of dry skin, e.g. itching, burning.

The small package of the product fits into a handbag, thanks to which you can always have this reliable cosmetic with you - at home, at work, when travelling. The protective stick can be used on the skin of feet, armpits, thighs and between toes.

It protects the skin against abrasions from clothing and footwear as well as professional clothing such as wetsuits and overalls. Effectively conditions the skin on elbows, knees and between toes. Very effective and at the same time delicate - recommended for use from the first day of life.

How do abrasions on the skin occur?

The most common type of wounds on the feet are abrasions and blisters, which occur when a stiff material or material irritates the skin. 

Some factors that make blisters and abrasions on the skin more likely:

- warm and moist skin, such as when feet sweat in ill-fitting shoes

- extreme temperatures

- wearing new or mismatched builds and clothing;

- anatomical factors such as overlapping toes.

What for abrasions?

Foot abrasions are caused by the skin reacting to friction and pressure - most commonly from ill-fitting footwear.

The most common symptoms are:

- rough, hard, yellowed skin that has developed at the site of pressure,

- skin sensitive to touch,

- pain when wearing shoes.

Corns can be prevented with BALERINA SOS stick against abrasions and blisters, which forms a protective layer on the skin surface.