Regenerating face mask

A regenerating mask is an ideal cosmetic when you want quick results and your skin needs intensive care to improve hydration, firmness and smoothness. The regeneration process of the skin usually takes about a month, but a regenerating mask can work wonders in just a few hours and stimulate the epidermis to regenerate. Quick regeneration of the skin is possible if we reach for ingredients such as panthenol, Shea butter, vitamin E or the recently fashionable snail mucus. 

Skin regeneration after summer - which face mask?

Our skin is very dry after the summer, so the basis for regeneration is restoring its proper moisture level. Floslek's Moisturising Mask with aloe vera, peony or earth marine water is a perfect solution. 

Skin regeneration - how to speed it up?

If we want to regenerate the skin expressively, we should start with peeling. By getting rid of dead skin cells we stimulate the skin's renewal process and allow the regenerative ingredients to penetrate the skin more easily and act more effectively. 

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Overnight, silky cream mask designed for tired and gray skin, lacking radiance and also dry after the summer or winter season. Recommended for skin with discoloration and imperfections, regardless of age, both mature and younger. The mask can be used around the eyes. At night, when you fall...

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  • Vegan


Overnight, velvety cream mask for care of mature skin and preventively to delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. Also recommended for skin requiring immediate nourishing, dry and rough skin, e.g. after summer or winter season and around the eyes. At night, when you fall asleep, your skin...

Price PLN39.99
  • Vegan

SKIN CARE EXPERT® ALL -NIGHT Overnight intense...

Unique cosmetic for women aware that only at night, during sleep, the skin can utilize its maximum capacity for radical renewal. Active ingredients: Stem cells from flower LEI - intensively regenerate and rejuvenate, minimize wrinkles and increase skin firmness and elasticity. HYDROMANIL™ -...

Price PLN39.99
  • Vegan