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Delicate makeup remover with eyebright extract - 110...

Makeup remover with eyebright: gently and effectively removes eye makeup, refreshes and moisturizes the skin, has a soothing effect, provides a feeling of comfort for the sensitive skin around the eyes, it does not leave a greasy layer. Safe for contact lenses. Dermatologically and...

Cleansing the eye area is one of the most important skin care routines. Evening makeup removal is a must - if not done thoroughly, any remaining mascara, eye shadow or eye pencil residue can irritate the delicate epidermis overnight. So if you don't want to wake up with puffiness around the eyes, irritated conjunctivae and sticky eyelids, opt for a thorough washing of the eyes, including the eyelid margins. We have a choice of make-up removing liquids or milks and micellar solutions.

What do I use to remove my make-up?

To cleanse the eyes, we should use delicate products containing tested plant extracts, such as echinacea. Make-up removal and hygiene liquids with Panthenol, i.e. pro-vitamin B5, which soothes irritations and regenerates the epidermis, will also work well. 

Washing your eyes in the morning - why is it important?

During the night our eyes rest and clean themselves, therefore in the morning we may notice a dried secretion in the area of our eyes, which we should definitely remove. Otherwise, it may lead to blockage of the tear ducts and inflammation of the eye area.