Lip Care Kit

Vegan intensive lip care kits in two steps - a gentle sugar scrub and a lip mask - are an indispensable duo for special tasks. They contain up to 98% ingredients of natural origin.  The scrub gently exfoliates dry, dead epidermis, while the mask perfectly cares for, regenerates and nourishes lips, while protecting them from external factors. All cosmetics are characterised by appetising, fruity aromas. Buy them in a set cheaper!

What does the Lip Care Kit do?

Very dry, chapped lips are a big problem not only for women, but also for men. The Floslek Lip Kit will be particularly useful in autumn and winter, when a two-stage action is required - first exfoliation and then regeneration and nourishment. 

Why do I need a lip scrub?

We can not limit ourselves only to moisturize or grease the lips. We will not eliminate the problem of chapped lips in this way, we will only cover flaky cuticles for a few moments. Floslek Lip Kit with a sugar scrub is a guarantee of good results and will remove dry cuticles.

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