Lip gloss

Do you like the effect of glossy lips glittered with silver particles?  If so, you should reach for one of Floslek's shimmers. It will perfectly highlight your lips, making them look fuller and more tempting. Thanks to it you can create subtle, daytime lip make-up or give them a more intensive shade for the evening.  It doesn't matter if you're at work or on a big night out - with a lip gloss on your lips you can emphasise your beauty and feel special.

Does lip gloss care for your lips?

Floslek Shimmer not only gives your lips an elegant shine, but also moisturises, nourishes and regenerates them. This is thanks to as many as 7 oils, which ensure that your lips always look sensational. The mica embedded in them reflects the light, giving the effect of a diamond shine. 

Gloss - the ideal make-up product for beginners. 

Gloss is a hit among fans of delicate make-up. It does not require perfect outlining of the lips with a lip liner, and we do not have to worry if we go beyond the natural contour of our lips during application, as it does not cover them completely.

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