Hair regeneration cosmetics

Hair regeneration cosmetics nourish the hair roots and prevent hair loss, improve the condition of the skin and stimulate hair growth. Hair cosmetics with a regenerating effect will noticeably improve the appearance of dry and damaged hair when used daily.

What is the difference between a hair conditioner and a hair mask?

Using a hair conditioner after shampooing is a natural part of your daily hair care routine. Conditioner should be applied to damp strands (from mid-length to ends), left for a few minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. The creamy formula of the conditioner facilitates quick distribution of the cosmetic and immediate improvement in the appearance of the hair.

Hair regeneration at home

If a hair conditioner is part of your daily hair care routine - at-home hair regeneration treatments should be enough to keep your hair in good condition. Hair care at home can be done with a hair mask, conditioner or serum.

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