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WOW SMOOTH! Smoothing Hand Peeling WALNUT - 50 g -...

The nourishing, highly scrubbing formula uses the exfoliating properties of walnut shell particles to restore smoothness to the hands and nail area. Shea butter and aloe vera gel provide a moisturising and nourishing effect. Properties: reduces skin roughness, soothes the skin, leaves the skin...

WOW SMOOTH! Detoxifying hand peeling BAMBOO - 50 g -...

Detoxifying, strongly cleansing formula uses the properties of black bamboo particles and active carbon remove impurities, toxins and dead epidermis cells. Almond oil and Shea butter nourishe and regenerate, prevents skin drying. A Vegan Product. 96% ingredients of natural origin.

WOW SMOOTH! Gentle hand peeling CELLULOSE - 50g -...

Mild, gently peeling formula uses the exfoliating properties of cellulose particles removes impurities and dead epidermal cells, smoothes and softens. Aloe vera gel and allantoin provide moisturizing and soothing effect. Vegan product. 96% ingredients of natural origin.

The delicate, gently scrubbing formula filled with exfoliating particles removes impurities and dead skin, softens the skin and restores smoothness to the hands. The scrub is also perfect for hand massage, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. It improves the moisturising effect even on very dry hands.

How to use hand scrub?

After washing your hands, apply the scrub and gently massage it into the skin - thus removing dead skin. Massage in a circular motion, paying special attention to rough, dry areas such as the interdigital spaces between your fingers and the outside of your hands. Our tip: Never exfoliate if you're going to be out in the sun. Give your skin time to recover and apply sunscreen before going out. It's best to exfoliate in the evening, just before bedtime.

How does a chemical hand peel work?

Chemical hand peels made from fruit acids, loosen the bonds between dead cells which then naturally exfoliate. Massaging the hands while applying the peel promotes the removal of keratinised skin. Regular peeling stimulates skin cell renewal. After the treatment the hand skin becomes deeply cleansed, softer and looks radiant.