Velour cosmetic band by FLOSLEK pink
Velour cosmetic band by FLOSLEK pink

ŻELOVE® Velvet cosmetic band (pink) - Floslek

Comfortable, extra-soft velvet headband protects and keeps hair away from the face while applying and removing makeup and care products. Velcro fastening makes it easy to put on and take off, it also allows a perfect fit to the head circumference.


  • the wide surface perfectly collects and holds hair,
  • does not deform the hair,
  • it is washable and has lasting color.

Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

Universal size

Cosmetic headband with Velcro closure velour by Floslek - pink

Velour cosmetic headband protects and keeps hair away from the face during the application and washing of cosmetics, as well as during beauty treatments performed at home. Velcro fastening makes it easy to put on and take off the headband, allows adjustment and a perfect fit to the head circumference. Made of exceptionally soft velour in softnago pink color. Washing at 40oC (without bleaching agents) will ensure long-lasting pleasure and joy of lasting color.

Do you like hair decorations? Cute headbands in pastel colors will go well with your home spa-outfit, comfortable bathrobe and cute slippers. Cheerful embroideries are sure to improve your mood more than once and perfectly complement the look, the basis of which will be a face mask, such as from the series thatLOVENhumidification. This product will be appreciated by both owners of short twisted strands and long, straight hair. Headbands are a cute hair accessory to use not only when applying a mask, but also during a relaxing bath, engaging reading in bed, housekeeping, or even a yoga session or mat exercise. Add color to your home styling and turn a dull, gray day into a day in FLOSLEK colors.

The fabric hair band is a charming addition to your cosmetic essentials, and a practical product that makes your daily grooming routine more enjoyable. The wide surface perfectly collects and holds your hair, so you can avoid getting it wet or dirty with facial cosmetic products, and calmly wait the time needed to absorb your favorite mask or cream. Exposing your hair makes it easy to conveniently apply and distribute cosmetics to your face, down to your hairline and around your neck. Thanks to the use of the colored Hairband by Floslek, you can thoroughly wash off makeup residue with facial milk or micellar lotion, even from around the ears, under the jaw, and from the neck and décolletage. Just as easily, without worrying about wetting your hair, cleanse your face with a gentle gel cleanser and rinse it off with running water. Don't worry about your hairstyle - your hair won't lose volume or shape, as the headband will protect it from splashing. Feel your skin become perfectly cleansed and prepared for the next stages of care. It's time for a refreshing toner to calm your complexion and the final touch to your evening ritual - a regenerating night mask or your favorite cream. Let your daily evening care become a time of uninterrupted relaxation and blissful indulgence. On the other hand, during the morning rush, gather your hair with a Band-Aid by Floslek and smoothly go through instant care. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, apply moisturizer and, of course, sunscreen, and then do your favorite makeup. Are you ready? Take off your headband, comb your hair and rush to your favorite activities full of energy.

If you're wondering if this headband is for you, keep in mind that its comfortable and stretchy design adapts to any head size and hair type, preventing the impression of uncomfortable pressure. The appropriate length of Velcro makes it easy to adjust the size of the product to the circumference of the head, and it does not unravel, which promotes stable upkeep and comfortable wearing. It is wide enough to hold even loose strands of short hair. The cosmetic headband is made of extremely pleasant to the touch velour, which fits softly on the head, does not get caught in the hair, does not fluff and does not cause the effect of electrification. The product is extremely comfortable, does not cause discomfort during use and does not deform the hair, so you can wear it even for a long time. The hairband does not hide any metal or plastic parts, which means that nothing captures or scratches the scalp.

The hairband has a subtle but durable color that does not fade with use. If you notice slight dirt on the material, you can confidently wash the headband in the washing machine at 40 ° C, with light-colored clothes, without adding bleaching agents or softeners.

The product is available in 3 pastel color variants: pink, green and blue with black embroidery. Both the material of the headband and the embroidered graphics are non-staining and maintain their original shape both with frequent use, as well as cleaning and drying.

Forget about hair falling on your forehead and eyes and sticking strands during daily grooming. Opt for convenience and comfort at home. Feel free, yet feminine, stylish and... colorful!

Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester


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