Universal jar for refills of FLOSLEK replacement cartridges
Universal jar for refills of FLOSLEK replacement cartridges

Universal outer jar - Floslek

We are one of the first companies in Poland to offer beauty products in refillable packaging, i.e. one that can be filled up with a product refill.

Thanks to this innovative solution, our cosmetic jars can find new life after they have been emptied. The outer jar is universal and reusable: it can be used multiple times to hold refills of cosmetic products from any line offered by FLOSLEK Laboratorium, and not just the one it originally contained.

This advanced environment-friendly solution is used in: ROSE for skin, GREEN for skin, LIFT effect, COLLAGEN up and NACZYNKA pro creams.

Choosing to buy a refill and reuse the outer jar, the consumer helps to save our planet by reducing plastic use by 80% (a refill only weighs 8 g, while a complete jar weighs as much as 40 g!).

Helping to protect the natural environment has its financial perks, too: the shift to lighter packaging allowed us to cut the cost of the finished product. Choosing to buy a product refill, the consumer will pay around 20% less than the price of the same product in the traditional packaging. This way, she will be able to protect both her budget and the environment.


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